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Supportive information for customers using ViennaLab NGS Assays

MicrobeCalc - to be used with 16S Microbiome NGS Assay

For the assessment of the number of samples that can be sequenced with the used sequencing chemistry, the calculation of the sample pooling, and the assistance with the sample sheet generation, please refer to the ViennaLab MicrobeCalc™ Excel file.

spreadsheet Start MicrobeCalc™ Rev1.4


PanelCalc - to be used with Hereditary Cancer NGS Assay, Somatic Mutations NGS Assay, CES NGS Assay

Make use of the PanelCalc and the SampleSheet Generator - a tool to support you in calculating the final library molarity and to prepare for sequencing.

spreadsheet Start PanelCalc

default Template SampleSheet Generator

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